Tasting Panels



The International Biscuit Federation has research staff in Europe, Asia and the US.

As part of the rigorous testing process that all of our products go through, we engage members of the public to provide real-world opinion and feedback. These ‘tasting panels’ use a sampled cross section of volunteers to provide a valuable and fun session sampling new recipes to determine marketability.

We have various means of finding and selecting panels, but if you would like to volunteer directly and be part of the selection of the next generation of products, please send your name, age, city, food allergies (if any), and a brief description of your situation (student, employee etc.) to panels@internationalbiscuit.com

Thanks in advance for your valuable help, and we look forward to inviting you to our next event in your region. Each attendee also gets entered into a draw to attend the annual dunking championships.

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